This consortium was envisaged by its founders to become a worldwide network -- non-existent until then to their knowledge – of researchers and specialists in adult education. Members of this network face similar challenges in developing strategies for evaluating workplace training capacity efficiency, and productivity, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Increace2 system

The uniqueness of the initiative may be explained using a diagram with three axes. Along the first axis, this relates to building bridges for active collaborations between educational researchers at one end and experts in the field of training at the other. On a second axis, the idea is to bring the world of private enterprise closer to the sector of public institutions concerned with issues of human resource management and training. Finally, the third axis relates to considering training issues and evaluation issues by connecting them. The sphere of action of INCREASE² is thereby at the heart of these three axes with a view to promoting collaborations leading to concrete actions that are pragmatic and useful to all.


The Advisory Committee.

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